About Us

Northfield Taxi Service

Welcome to City Gal Transportation, where your journey matters as much as your destination!

Our founder, Ginny Klinger, brings a rich tapestry of driving experiences to the forefront of our services. With a storied career that spans 17 years behind the wheel of semi-tractor trailers, a year of navigating Greyhound buses, and a tenure transporting highly classified cargo for government-contracted missions, Ginny’s life has been paved with diverse roads.

City Gal Transportation was born from Ginny’s dual passions: a love for driving and a heart for people. Our inception came after meticulous inspections by the city and the Minnesota Department of Transportation, ensuring we meet and exceed the standards required to serve you safely and reliably.

Our fleet, led by the eco-friendly Honda CRV Hybrid, ensures that your ride is not just comfortable but also kind to the environment. 

As a proud member of the Northfield Chamber of Commerce, we’re at the heart of the community, serving students, professionals, and residents alike with a commitment to safety, especially for those who feel most at ease with a woman behind the wheel.

Northfield Car Transportation Service

City Gal Transportation isn’t just about airport runs; we’re about making every occasion special and every routine trip stress-free. Whether it’s a ride to a special event, a crucial appointment, or the daily errands life demands, we’re here to drive you with care and conversation, or quiet reflection if you prefer.

Our rates are transparent and adjusted only to reflect the true cost of service, ensuring you always get fair and honest pricing. With Ginny at the helm, City Gal Transportation is more than a service; it’s a promise of safety, reliability, and a personal touch that turns every journey into a pleasant memory.